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June 19, 2019 by Cre8tiveAdmin

Artist of Future National Monument Inspires Seniors

Reflecting on the past is something everyone can relate to as their life evolves and this sculpture speaks to the years of childhood. The Journeys of the Imagination has been a recurring focal point at each LivGenerations community lobby.

After the first one was installed in 2014 by the artist, Gary Lee Price, it was so well received that Liv Communities pre-purchased a few statues for future developments. The sculptures coincide well within the communities as its nostalgic qualities are geared towards living fuller lives by embracing empowerment, releasing daily burdens, and connection.


The piece was modeled after his son Isaiah, who always had a fascination with aviation, but flight has a deeper meaning to Price. “Flight represents freedom,” Price says, “rising above our problems and gaining that all so important perspective on life. Taking a few flights a year just to get off the earth helps me regain some of that vision.”

After several requests, Journeys of the Imagination now has a companion piece with a flying girl to embrace inclusivity.

Releasing Daily Burdens

Getting caught up in a daily routine can make it easy to lose joy for freedom and life. The mail‑order glider, paper airplanes and pogo sticks used within this statue are used to represent dreams and aspirations. Price comments this is because “so long we lose track of our inner child.”


This statue is meant to connect people with their past as well as with each other. The artist sees his own heritage within Journeys of the Imagination, “my grandmother was half Cherokee and, being indigenous people, they were always grounded. By that, I mean connected to the earth and each other.” Being that it was a different time, without integration of modern digital societies, these connections were essential for survival.

Price has been chosen to create a 300-foot Statue of Responsibility, on the west coast, to bookend the U.S. with the Statue of Liberty and is estimated to finish 2023. “It will serve as a tribute to the future, rather than memorialize the past,” Gary explains, “I often think what our society needs is to be reminded about these simple things. That’s what it’s about for me; connection and living responsibly in the sense of remembering we are all together here.”

Editor’s note: By Olivia Mock, Liv Communities Marketing Intern. Learn more at